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 Success for IC at WM tournament

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PostSubject: Success for IC at WM tournament   Sat Feb 13, 2010 8:11 pm

Went to a WM tournament in Rockville today, came home with the overall champion coin (prize) and the faction coin for Menoth.

Was a good tournament, got to see Gamesmith hanging out and playing games. I think I heard a brother get a 6 at one point.

Looking forward to the G&S event on the 28th.
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PostSubject: Re: Success for IC at WM tournament   Sat Feb 13, 2010 9:18 pm

Congratulations Very Happy its good to see both ICs and Menites winning tourneys! Although on the 28th I have plans of my own for winning that Smile
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Join date : 2009-08-13
Age : 36
Location : Games and Stuff

PostSubject: Re: Success for IC at WM tournament   Sat Feb 13, 2010 11:10 pm

yeah it was a lot of fun. games were more or less as follows:

25 pts: Retribution, Rayvn and two phoenixes plus an assassin, sniper and a marshalled gryphon. nearly wrecked a phoenix on turn two and got raven with a booted vanquisher/fire shot at the top of my turn 3. My list was what I'd posted before in another thread.

35 pts: next game was against sorscha, full pikemen, drakun, man hunters, widowmakers and a devestator. got a phenomonally lucky deviation and damage on sorscha with bonded redeemer turn 2 and she died at top of turn 3 or 4.

first 50 point game ever was against the only other 2-0 player left at that point, cryx, pDenny infantry spam, 2 bane thrall units, a boat load of mechanathralls, wraiths, scrap thralls. Got denny down to 1 hp with fire at top of turn 3 or 4, and finished her off with a vanq the next turn. My spray and template list came into it's won with blowing up two whole units of bane thralls in a turn and a half plus assorted other casualties.

last game, I'd already won the champion coin at this point, was against the other menoth player, also playing efeora. he eliminated my main kill vector (fire) and so I ended up winning by scenario right before time was called for the end of the tournament. was an annoying attrition game, but I thiink I would have pulled it out eventually, even without scenario.

all in all, I was impressed with the list, though I may bring estryker to the 28th, just for a change of pace..if only stormblades weren't so annoying to assemble and paint.
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PostSubject: Re: Success for IC at WM tournament   

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Success for IC at WM tournament
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