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 My Ork Boyz: Feel free to comment

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PostSubject: My Ork Boyz: Feel free to comment   Wed Aug 04, 2010 1:29 pm

Getting back into 40k I wanted to get back into using my Orks again. With the newest codex, sure it has been out for awhile, bringing back the weirdboy made me very happy. So with the models I have what would be a good list to go with... granted this is a list of models I have collected for many years. <-- Pack Rat

Ghaz, 2x Weirdboyz, Big Mek w/ Shokk, 2x Warboss, 1 w/ BC 1w/ PK

5x Tankbustas w/ 2x Bombsquigs
4x Lootas w/ Mek
5x Nobz, various weapons w/ Painboy
4x Burna Boyz

12+ Grots w/ Runtherd
Close to 100 boyz (slugga/choppa), 6 w/ Big Shootas and Nobz to fill out the units proper.
3x Wartrukks

Fast Attack:
14x Warbikes
3x Warbuggies
9x Stormboyz

Heavy Support:
1x Deff Dread (Early 1990s all pewter model)
2x Killa Kans
3x Kannons
Start of a Looted Wagon w/ Boomcannon (basilisk cannon mounted on a rhino hull, coming along nicely)

Looking for thoughts on a more tournament friendly army list. And unfortunately for me to play the tankbustas the way I would like I need a full unit of them. So have yet to field them in an army. For fluff games I don't do too bad but I know I can do better.

Most fluff army list games I play are:
HQ: 2 Weirdboyz or 1 Weirdboy and Big Mek
Elite: Lootas and Nobz
Troops: 60 boyz with the 6 big shootas and Nobz
FA: 9 warbikes w/ Nob
HS: Deff Dread (may be troop), 2x Killa Kans w/ Grotzooka, Kannons

Usually around 1000 to 1500pts.
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My Ork Boyz: Feel free to comment
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