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 semi finals ard boys for the inner circle

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PostSubject: semi finals ard boys for the inner circle   Mon Oct 26, 2009 11:34 am

We left for Ard boys this Saturday around 7 in the morning. Wanted to get down to Days of Knights “DOK” early to help Tozze set up for the event. We showed up around 8 8:15 good drive no problems. We show up and decide to eat some breakfast. Not too bad if I don’t say so myself.
Anyway enough with the silly stuff. At this tournament we have 4 Inner circle players playing Nicholas Lincoln Brian and Alex. I played my 64 model count lizard army. Lincoln had his 7 bolt thrower 40 sword master’s 17 hundred points in characters. Brian took 3 steam tanks and 4 mortars. Alex took 6 casters all looking for infernal gate way. Needless to say we were all stacked. I can’t speak to their games so I hope they come on and do so but mine were so funny.
Game 1 I had to play against my man Alex. I got first tern so I laid down the hate. All 4 stegs went to my right. Alongside them was 1 slann not my lord. my lord went after the other corner. Skinks ran forward as fast as they could go. By the bottom of turn 4 all he had left was 4 heroes running around by their selves and 2 knights in the woods. Game finished with Alex having 1 knight in the woods left. I won 23 to 0. Alex however went on to drew both his games I believe. He may have won one thou I don’t remember.
Game2 I ended up playing the only list down there that I was afraid of. In the only scenario I was worried about. Teclis In a scenario were miscasts were on doubles of a 1 or a 2. Or irresistible force is on a double of 5 or 6. My saving grace I went first I got of 2 comets. 1 came down and the other did not. With one comment I killed 3 bolt throwers and took a crew member of a different one I, 7 sword masters 5 spearman and 4 dragon knights. Crazy good comment o I love you heavens. Then I proceeded to make one of the biggest mistakes I always seem to make. His knights move forward strait at my lord and bsb. I was not concerned what I didn’t know is Teclis can cast a spell that allowed him to move again unbelievable he charged my lord. He outnumbered me had a banner and a magic banner rolled his extra d6 for combat res and rolled a 6. 9 combat res with one unit of 2 knights. Needless to say I ran like a freshman girl at a senior prom. No big deal thou I moved 2 ancients around his knights and killed them outright then started to pick of all his units 1 by 1 I ended up charging Teclis on the rear flank and had an ancient in his front crazy day. 22 to 0 was the final score. I forgot to mention he also tried to pit of shades my other slann his spell went irresistible and my slann rolled a…………1 lol I live eat me sucka.
We ended up with me taking 1st Brian salmon taking 2nd and Lincoln Tidwell taking 4. The guy who took 3rd doesn’t know if he is going to go to Chicago or not if he doesn’t Lincoln is going to go with us. Just felt like I should tell you all how it went.

Nicholas A Walters AKA Scooter
Glen Burnie BAttle bunker Councle
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semi finals ard boys for the inner circle
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