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 New Tomb Kings magic and STUFF!!

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PostSubject: New Tomb Kings magic and STUFF!!   Wed Apr 13, 2011 7:21 pm

here is a post I found from a guy who read the book today.

Magic: Must take our Nehekharan lore on heirophant and additional casters can choose either Nehekharan Lore or from the Lores of light or death.
We only use power dice from Winds of Magic now. I am assuming that we can miscast now as well.
Level 1 Liche 70 pts , Lvl 2 upgrade for 35pts
Level 3 high Liche priest 170 pts, Lvl 4 upgrade 35pts

Nehekharan lore:
The restless dead is the lore attribute. D3 + 1 wounds if augment spell is successfully caste on friendly Nehekharan undead target unit.

Khsar's incantation of the desert wind (signature spell). Augment Caste on 8+. all unengaged friendly nehekharan undead units within 12" may make a single move as if in the remaining moves sub-phase (cannot charge). all non engaged friendlies can be instead targeted within 24" for a casting value of 16+. Any unit can only be effected by the desert wind once per turn.(undead construct units can only recover 1 wound per turn)

1. DJaf's Incantation of Cursed Blades. 7+. Augment, range 12". Until the start of your next magic phase close combat attacks gain killing blow or heroic killing blow special rule. If the unit already has killing blow or herioc killing blow special abilty, it will work on a 'To wound' roll of 5 or 6+ while this spell is in play. can increase range to 24" instead on a casting value of 10+
2. Neru's Incantation of Protection 9+. Augment range 12", until start of caster's next magic phase.
5+ ward save on a single friendly target unit. all friendly units within 12" can be targeted instead for 18+
3. Ptra's Incantation of righteous smiting 9+. Augment range 12" until start of caster's next magic phase. Target unit gains 1 attack (mounts, riders, models crewing chariots, monsters and war machines). If armed with a bow or great bow then get multiple shot (2) special rule. All friendly Nehekharan undead units can be targeted instead within 24" for 18+.
4. Usirian's Incantation of Vengeance, hex range 18" 10+. Until start of caster's next magic phase target unit has its movement reduced by D3 to min of 1 & all terrain is treated as dangerous terrain if unit moves. range can be extended to 36" for a casting value of 13+. Until start of next magic phase.
5. Usekhp's Incantation of Desiccation, 11+ hex range 24". target unit suffers -1 strength, -1 toughness (to min of 1) Until start of caster's next magic phase. Can instead choose to reduce by D3 (min of 1) for a casting value of 22+
6. Sakmet's Incantaion of the Skullstorm, Remains in play. magical vortex 15+. small template is placed on the board and a direction is nominated. artillery dice is rolled and the number is multiplied by wizard level = amount template is moved in stated direction. Every model passed over or under the template suffers a single strength 4 hit. misfire = place template over caster and scatter by wizards level in random direction. use large round template for a casting value 25+. on subsequent turns, vortex moves randomly equal to role of artillery dice. if misfire, vortex dissipates instantly.

There is an impressive mix of special characters.
eg: There is a lvl 5 wizard for 360pts, Arkhan the Black.

From memory skeletons are 4 pts with 30 points for full command
hand weapon and shield is free
spear is 1+ point per model, light armour is 1 pt per model.

Bowmen are 6 pts, 30 pts for full command, 1pt per model for light armour.

heavy horsemen are 12 pts with vanguard

skeleton horsemen 14pts (light cav) scout special rule.

Ushabti are 50 points each. Can add command units and giant bows str 6 30"

chariots are 55 points forming ranks 3 models wide.

a new model that gives undead constructs regeneration within 12"

a new model that acts as body guard to Tomb King except in a challenge, he steps in to take the hit on a 2+

skulls of the foe is now 30 points

Casket now 135 points has 3 wounds and doesn't have a priest as crew
Light of death works differently

It came from below:
Place the marker in remaining moves phase, Buried units are raised using scatter dice but cannot charge. miscast is the same.

Magic items: (from memory)
Destroyer of Eternities 80 pts
Blade of Ankhara 50 pts? every unsaved wound gains 1 wound.
enkhils kanopy 50 pts?
cloak of dunes 50 pts?:character has fly and any enemy unit flown over takes D? damage.

BotuL 50 pts power level 5.
Banner of the hidden sands is 90 points and any reserve troops (not yet deployed) up to 150 points can be deployed within 12" of bearer in remaining moves sub phase.

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Posts : 793
Join date : 2009-08-12
Location : Columbia, MD

PostSubject: Re: New Tomb Kings magic and STUFF!!   Wed Apr 13, 2011 7:38 pm

Here's a GW video

AWESOME!! I am going through my TK models tonight to see what I do and don't need. Man I'm excited!

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New Tomb Kings magic and STUFF!!
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