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 AUCTION TIME! Showcase Comics, Oct. 3rd Lots 1-108 up

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PostSubject: AUCTION TIME! Showcase Comics, Oct. 3rd Lots 1-108 up   Mon Sep 13, 2010 1:10 pm

Hi guys, the stuff has built and built and now it's time to yell and scream and auction it all off. We are sorting it all out right now, I'll have the first 100 lots posted up by tonite, and more to follow as we catalog them. Please Note: This is a live, 1.00 minimum bid, auction. The only way to actually bid is to be at Showcase Comics on Oct. 3rd. Everything sells, and some of it goes very, very cheap. Condition varies from well painted or NMIB to utter crap a 7 year old painted.

It’s that time of year! Clean out your closets, dump your junk, trade up for some new stuff, or come pick up an armful of used miniatures at bargain prices!


At Showcase Comics

Sunday, October 3rd

-Preview of the items from 11am until noon.
- Live Auction goes from noon until about 4pm
-Over 350 Lots.
-Units, armies, bitz bags. Painted, unpainted, and some still in
the box and unopened.

Everyone has games, figures, books, and other things they don’t really need. Haven’t played with in ages, or just don’t want anymore. But what you don’t want, someone else does. The Auctions at Showcase Comics let you turn your unwanted games in, they get auctioned off, and you receive the amount they go for in store credit. Drop off a bunch of unused stuff, we split it up, auction it off, and if it sells for 200.00, you get to pick up 200.00 in new stuff from Showcase. You can pick up your credit totals as early as Tuesday, the 20th. (It takes us a few hours to total it all up and double check.)

You can check out the growing list of items at both stores, and on our forums at Show up that morning and take a look at 350 different lots of items. Get a complete list of items with your bidding number on the back. When things get going, take part in the live auction, and take home some bargains. Everything goes that day, and nearly everything is no minimum bids.

Dropping off items to be auctioned:
You can turn in your items at the Granite Run Showcase, or talk to Mike Ludwig or Chris Cooke at the Bryn Mawr store about getting them transferred down. Remember, 90% of the games turned in are from Games Workshop, mostly Warhammer Fantasy and 40k. But we do get a smattering of Flames of War and other historicals, Battletech, and Dungeons and Dragons. You can put any gaming material into the auction, but most of the people there to bid are looking for miniature games. We’ll take items up until about a week before the auction, but we can also only take about 350 lots of items total. If we fill up quick, your stuff will have to wait until the next one in July or August.

Got questions? Give Mike Clark a call at the GR store. 610-891-9229, on the forums at, or by email at

Lot Number Item
1 Carnifex: Scything Talons, Barbed Strangler
2 Carnifex: Venom Cannon, Barbed Strangler, white primered
3 6 Genestealers with Broodlord
4 13 Genestealers
5 Carnifex Bitz
6 Winged Hive Tyrant w/ Dual Scything Talons, painted.
7 3 metal ravenors
8 6 Genestealers with Broodlord
9 Bag of Ripper Swarms
10 10 Genestealers
11 10 Genestealers
12 10 Genestealers
13 Bag of Ripper Swarms
14 10 Genestealers
15 10 Genestealers
16 Lictor
17 Bag of Ripper Swarms
18 Carnifex: Crushing Claws, and Barbed Strangler
19 Bag of Ripper Swarms
20 Carnifex: Forgeworld Wrecking Ball
21 3 Tyrant Guard
22 5 Glade riders converted to DE Dark Riders
23 Winged Hive Tyrant conversion with Venom Cannon
24 Hive Tyrant with twin Devourers and Venom Cannon
25 Swarmlord Conversion, unpainted
26 5 Tyranid Warriors converted with Forge World wings
27 Carnifex with twin Scything talons
28 2 packs of Forge World wings for warriors
29 Carnifex Bitz
30 "Burroughing Carnifex" objective marker
31 3 Ogre Ironguts
32 3 Tau Stealth Suits
33 Mounted Woodelf Lord
34 3 Ogre Ironguts
35 3 Yetti , painted and based
36 3 Ogre Ironguts
37 Lictor
38 Hive Tyrant with Scything Talons and Venom Cannon
39 Woodelf Glade Riders
40 Ogre Tyrant with Tenderizer, unpainted
41 Ogre Buther, painted
42 3 Painted Ironguts
43 2 Ogre Maneaters: Pirate and Big Hammer
44 Big Bag of Hormagaunts
45 5 Painted Ogre Bulls
46 Big Bag of Hormagaunts
47 Unpainted Giant Conversio for DOW/Empire
48 Big Bag of Hormagaunts
49 Big Bag of Hormagaunts
50 Tyranid Spore Mines
51 Big Bag of Hormagaunts
52 5 Tyranid Warriors converted with Forge World wings
53 Big Bag of Hormagaunts
54 5 Tyranid Warriors converted with Forge World wings
55 6 Tyranid Warriors
56 5 Painted Tyranid Warriors
57 Lictor
58 Lictor
59 Forgeworld Tau Broadside
60 Bag of new model Clanrats
61 Eldar Falcon, partially built and unpaintd
62 5 unbuilt Eldar Jetbikes
63 New Skaven Screaming bell, unbuilt
64 Unit of older model Clanrats
65 unbuilt clanrats
66 Unit of older model Clanrats
67 original plastic clanrats
68 unbuilt plauge monks
69 unbuilt dark elf warriors
70 original plastic clanrats
71 Painted Skaven Clanrats
72 Painted Skaven Clanrats
73 Hive Tyrant, NIB
74 unpainted older model clanrats
75 Box of Dark Elf Warriors
76 Chaos Warriors bitz bag
77 Inquisitor Tyrus, in box
78 Bitz bag of very assorted stuff
79 Box of 10 witch elves
80 Tomb Kings, Settra in box
81 Box of Tau Fire Warriors
82 Golfags Mercenary Ogres, in Box
83 Box of Kroot
84 Forgeworld Meiotic Sacks
85 Ogre Gorger
86 Box of Wood Elf Glade Guard
87 Bag of assorted bases
88 2 blisters of Dark Elf Black Guard
89 2 Tomb Scorpians and Tomb King
90 LOTR strategy game, Hard Cover book and Return of the King book
91 Eldar Farseer
92 Terminator with TH/SS, and grey knight
93 Elf horse x5
94 Big bag of Bitz
95 BFG: Tyranid Prowler Ships
96 Skaven Grey Seer
97 Elf Mage
98 Dark Elf and Dark Eldar wyches in blisters
99 2 metal Bestigors
100 HUGE! Box of tyranid bitz and sprues
101 Space Marine Dreadnaught, Lascannon, PF, white primered
102 Space Marine Dreadnaught, AC, ML, , PF, white primered
103 Tau Sniper Drones, in box
104 6 metal Deathwing Terminators
105 6 termainators
106 Space Marine Dreadnaught with twin LC, PF
107 Tau Pathfinder blisters, 4x Shasui, 1 x 3 pathfinders
108 Large bag of 14 metal Terminators:3xAC,1xLC,2xCML,1xTH/SS,2xPW,3xPF
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AUCTION TIME! Showcase Comics, Oct. 3rd Lots 1-108 up
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