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 Inner Circle Club Meeting 9/8/09

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PostSubject: Inner Circle Club Meeting 9/8/09   Tue Sep 08, 2009 10:51 pm

Meeting began at approximately 6:09PM. Scooter officiated and spoke for most of the meeting.
1. The 40K Tournament on the 30th was a success. Scenarios were well received by those playing in the event. From now on it looks like it will be Inner Circle policy to drop kill points from tournament scenarios, leaving only victory points. The "Grand Tournament" event will be an exception to this as the North America G.T. will have kill points in their scenarios.
2. The Grudge Match Tournament was a big success for Maryland (Glen Burnie) players. While Days of Knights will not give over final scores, the majority of Marylander players beat their PA opponents. Lots of buzz is being circulated about our events because of our winning efforts and the excellent event held on the 30th.
3. Remember the Inner Circle is here to set up tournaments and Campaigns. If there is something you as a member want to play, make sure the Council knows about it and they will set something up.
4. The current campaigns are going very well with the Planetary 40K event moving briskly (several players have already been overwhelmed), the Ick Bowl for Bloodbowl continues to be a fan favorite, and the Mordhiem campaign is going smoothly.
5. Upcoming events-
September 19th - Fantasy Tournament at the Battle Bunker, 28 slots out of 32 are filled. If you want to join call into the Bunker get signed up. You will need to bring an army list on the day of the event for the staffers and entry fee is $5.00.
September 19th - Games and Stuff Gameathon; this charity event runs from 11AM to 3Am with proceeds going to NCEON (the North County Emergency Outreach Network). This group facilitates a well run food bank and emergency bill pay service for the local Glen Burnie community. The cost is $25.00 which will get you a late afternoon meal (around 3PM) and drinks. Door Prizes and great gaming for lucky folks who attend. Please purchase your tickets now at Games and Stuff.
September 26th - A Royal Rumble 40K event will be held at the Bel Aire GW. This event takes a 1250 point army list and puts eight players on a table to see who can be the last army standing. Sign up at the Bel Aire GW.
September 27th - 3000 point hard Boyz Fantasy Tournament. There are still five spaces left for this free event. This is the only known Hard Boyz event running in Maryland so sign up now at Games and Stuff!
October 24th - War of the Ring Tournament at Games and Stuff we still need to build tables and terrain for this event, we will be making this a priority in the coming weeks.
6. There is an Inner Circle Council meeting on September 15th at Games and Stuff at 5PM. Items on the itinerary include the Inner Circle Club bylaws, our building terrain and boards for our next events and what to do for next year's Games Day. If you have any ideas about any of these subjects, write up a proposal and bring it to the meeting.
On that note the Club Meeting was adjourned and folks broke up into social gatherings and gaming.
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Inner Circle Club Meeting 9/8/09
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