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 New Models and rules rumors

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PostSubject: New Models and rules rumors   Wed Jun 23, 2010 1:22 pm

Believe this lot if you will.
Hope this helps.DISCLAIMERS
I take no credit for any of these rumours. I have not heard one word on the OK book so I can not confirm or deny any of this. This is simply a collation exercise on my part. Also steppingonyou has been at pains to say that these are only rumours based on playtest rules and as such … may not happen

Over to steppingonyou:

General comments (I didn’t know where to put these. )
Fixed the ranking problem.
“Tightening to the spikefists”
Dogs of war rule is in there.
The magic items and big names are getting the same treatment as VC

Army wide rules
They have quite a few army wide rules
“Nowhere to run!” Gnobular rule that allows gnobulars to rally at the end of a flee move if they flee through ogres. they take d6 casualties.

Leadbelcher upgrade for Tryrants, (with grapeshot, worked out per warpthrower old rules).

Butchers are getting overhauled completely.
Gutmagic is gone, replaced by bound spells that effect the unit the butcher is in, with a ranged spell.
Unit upgrade, does different effects depending on who they eat. always have. ogre stats. two hand weapons.
Only one per unit.
Level equals spells known. (Lord is a level 3, hero can be 1 or 2)
The spells are ingredients. They are bought from a list of ingredients.
You eat them for effect. Only butchers have them.
Troll fat is an ingredient that gives regeneration
On a 2+ the butcher gets regen, takes a wound on a 6+, on a 6+ the units the butcher is in get regen, he takes a wound. each model takes a wound on a 6+ no saves, (maw is hungry).
They also impart a MR equal to the level they are and gnobulars effect of +1 to rally and tie breaker
Tooth gnobular for one reroll
Also something about a “headless thrashing gnobular”???

Hunters and Trappers
“I dont think you will see a hunter without a few trapper units”.
“hidden” rule for hunter and trappers.
4+ to see at long range

Bulls as of now are cheaper with more defalt gear

Ironguts are now the elite unit of hungry ogres they should be.

Gnobular are the same in points.
A small change in ‘Int’ though Care for and raise the rhinox and care for the slave giants.
Gnobular hero choice, riding a giant

Ranged attack for Yhettes
Yhettes getting a ward save? … an aura of frost.

Giant will have more than a “tacked on feel”
Gets extra rules when near the tyrant
Slave giant “barge” attack, d3 impact hits at s6 if charging father than 6 inches, plus 1 to roll on chart

Single riders not cavalry units

Hints of more new stuff:
Expect more help from the mountains too. (Something new?)
There will be something to kill Blood Thirsters
Something about a Halfling that got lost and now lives in an ogre camp???

Magic Items
One item for lord causes enemy wizards to roll every dice they generate and lose them on a 6 (hungry maw) then the number eaten modifies the roll on the ogres miscast list. item last whole game and counts as an army wide rule. 100pts

Then there was this about another item … I didn’t really follow this so I have quoted Stepping on you directly. See what you make of it:

“A magic item at 100pts. it confires an army wide rule. like the warshrine. no roll at the begining of anything. every turn the oppenent rolls his/her PD or DD and throws away any 6. those are the maws now. dice held in items dont roll. unless they get used. the pool gets rolled. anytime your hot finger touches a dice to roll in the magic phase, on a 6 its gone, including MR. this does NOT effect the OK player. to be clear. for every 6 rolled you keep track of it. this modifies the roll on the miscast table. the new one you force the victim….er wizard to roll on”

Battalion will change.
Plastic set for tyrant/slaughter
Multi use Rhinox kit, with one being a mount (with a irongut rider, with parts for a lord or butcher) and the other being a scrap launcher. the launcher also acts and a platform and chariot. A large 100+ piece, multi function kit.
(This seems to be rephrasing the Rhinox rumour posted by Greenspeed).
New gourger, metal and disturbing.

Believe this lot if you will.
Hope this helps.

In a more different thread Harry goes on to state some more rumors in general about the other fantasy armies,

Chaos Dwarves
CD return but not soon … still in concept form.

splash release jungle swarms

Wave for Empire

Vampire Counts
Wave for VC
New Black Knights

Orcs & Goblins
Wave for OG
Squig herds in plastic

Dark Elves
Seen Dark riders and a chariot
Dark riders this summer
The horses are awesome/bad ass/have sharp teeth and the riders fit with new stuff.

Tomb Kings
Undead constructs are how TK will differ itself from VC.
Tomb scropions, tomb giants. statues that are shaped in the gods of old, given life.
Petrified beatle swarms.
Lost and confused Bretonnian knights
Lich preists that do more than stand around and try not to be killed.

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PostSubject: Re: New Models and rules rumors   Wed Jun 23, 2010 1:36 pm

For the OK rumors he was throwing out, steppingonyou has been completely discredited. Probably a sockpuppet.

I'm fine with no new books, but I'd like to see a lot of that stuff come out in errata.
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PostSubject: Re: New Models and rules rumors   Wed Jun 23, 2010 1:58 pm

After putting much thought and time into this I have decided I like


Thank you that is all

Nicholas A Walters AKA Scooter
Glen Burnie BAttle bunker Councle
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PostSubject: Re: New Models and rules rumors   Wed Jun 23, 2010 3:34 pm

Yeah but I found the thing from 4 other sites that were from differnt people and one of them was strait from a GW guys mouth, or at least the claims were I will try and find it again and post the quotes about the stuff
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PostSubject: Re: New Models and rules rumors   

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New Models and rules rumors
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