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 Looking to start dark angels army

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PostSubject: Looking to start dark angels army   Fri Jun 04, 2010 6:11 pm

i picked up the black reach set this week and am hoping to start a dark angels army. i'm looking for some space marine stuff to try and get going. i have some imp guard cadian troops from a couple years ago i bought that i can trade. i have 12 painted (including 1 flamer, and one heavy bolter team) and ther rest are still on the spure. i also have the previous guard codex 4 ed. i think. if anyone wants that.
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PostSubject: Re: Looking to start dark angels army   Sun Jun 06, 2010 9:35 pm

I've got quite a bit of Dark Angels I'd like to move.

3 Tactical Squads (5 extra special weapon guys, old in 2nd edition plastic, other 2 are from the black templar covered box)
8 metal scouts (2 snipers)
12 devestators
21 terminators (old metal, 8 are melee, 2 commanders, 1 librarian, 6 have DA heraldry)
10 plastic terminators (2 old space hulk squads)
2 techmarines
1 apothecary
1 Bethor
1 Asmodi
1 Azrael + little helm bearer
1 Ezekiel
4 veteran seargents
6 metal guys in robes
10 jump pack assault marines
5 ground pounder assault marines
1 Dark Angel upgrade pack (2 sprues, 1 sprue fully in tact....other sprue partially assembled)
1 Land Raider (has the old forge world DA side doors)
3 old Rhinos
1 old razor back
1 old predator (turret is kinda goofy)
1 land speeder
1 old dreadnought (lascannon/missile launcher/DA coffin)
1 chaplain on bike

Everything is painted except for the chapter upgrade sprue.
The painting is decent, but not going to make you drool.
Most of the power armor guys have either a DA decal or DA wing/sword shoulder pads.

I also have a framed print of Asmodi, signed by Mark Gibson that I got when I bought an Eldar army back in '94.

I haven't played since 3rd edition and if I were to resume playing, it would be
with Eldar (which I have a ton of already) before I would play Dark Angels.

If you aren't interested in the lot, I'd prefer to trade my metal models
for plastic. The 5 thunder hammer/storm shield metal guys might be more interesting
to a non DA marine player and maybe we can work out a 3 way deal.
Magical cards is another option.

I also have some old Tyranid and two IG tanks I would also like to move
if anyone is interested.

If you are still reading this far and still interested, let me know...I can take some
photos of em.
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Looking to start dark angels army
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