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 List Ideas for that Thing at Blobs

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The Mauler


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PostSubject: List Ideas for that Thing at Blobs   Wed Apr 28, 2010 1:39 am

Hey. Whats up Inner Circle? I'm not a tournament guy. At all really. I don't know what lists are "hip" and "cool" these days. I don't know what you kids listen to on your rock n' roll a-track tapes while rolling dice. But I thought I'd try and write some competitive lists, and get some opinions on them before actually painting crap and spending money on a big game.

Sooooo here goes. This is a 2,500 pt Vampire Counts list. There are two variations. Its really just swapping out the Lords Items to fit in a "skull staff" and then swapping out a hero's items to fit in a staff of dispell for a whoppin +2 to dispell. (tag teamed with the -2 to cast from the carts) But, the way its written was my first idea.

Vampire Lord
-level 4 wizard with six power dice, helm of command (WS bubble), crown of the damned (4+ ward), flayed hauberk (2+ armr), and summon ghouls
Wight King BSB
-Drakenhoff Banner
-level 2, summon ghouls, Bloody Hauberk (4+/5+)
-level 2, summon ghouls, Book of Arkhan (boundspell dance), cuirass (5+ armr)

20-Zombies w/ musician and banner
19- Grave Guard w/ command and Hatred Banner
Corpse Cart w/ balefire
Corpse Cart w/ balefire
Black Coach
5- Blood Knights w/ musician banner and Blood Keep (4+ ward against ranged)

All together this list is 2,497. Has a lot of casting, lot of ghoul spam, two hard hitting combat units.

I also made a Skaven list. 2,469 pts. It also has a lot of casting, but has a lot of combat.

Grey Seer
-screaming bell, shadow magnet, 4 tokens
-level 2, condenser, 2 tokens
-level 2, 3 tokens
Plague Priest
-furnace, level 2, flail

30-Stormvermin w/ shields, command, storm banner
20- Clanrats w/ shields and command
20 - Clanrats w/ shields and command
30 - Plague Monks w/ command and Banner of Dripping Death
Hell Pit w/ warpstone spike (Mr 1 and magic attks)
Doom Wheel
10 - Censer Bearers

Sooo. Feed back would be appreciated.
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PostSubject: Re: List Ideas for that Thing at Blobs   Wed Apr 28, 2010 2:16 am

take out the banner from the zombies cause you dont want them to get killed and somone take it other then that I like the VC list

Skaven just add in some extra rats to fill in those points and your good
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PostSubject: Re: List Ideas for that Thing at Blobs   Wed Apr 28, 2010 9:22 am

With your play styl Steve i would go with the VC if you wont i can play you over and over to help you get better.

Nicholas A Walters AKA Scooter
Glen Burnie BAttle bunker Councle
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PostSubject: Re: List Ideas for that Thing at Blobs   

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List Ideas for that Thing at Blobs
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