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 Core Competency

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PostSubject: Core Competency   Tue Nov 24, 2009 2:11 pm

Don't know if any one else here subscribes to Dire Wolf but they were talking about a tournament that was held up in Chicago that intrigued me. The premise of the tournament is to test your tactics and generalship vs. bringing the big nasty lists we sometimes see. Now I don't have all the details but I'm sure I can get them if anyone is interested. From my understanding the basics were:

1) 40% of your army is core choices
2) Lists have to be approved prior to the tournament so you don't have "That Guy" showing up.

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PostSubject: Re: Core Competency   Tue Nov 24, 2009 2:15 pm

i like it the only problem is daemon players bringing all hors? but i really like the idea behind it can you find out all the details and post them for us please

Nicholas A Walters AKA Scooter
Glen Burnie BAttle bunker Councle
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PostSubject: Re: Core Competency   Tue Nov 24, 2009 2:17 pm

Will do, and the all horrors thing can be vetoed in the pre-approval stage if you go that route.
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PostSubject: Re: Core Competency   Tue Nov 24, 2009 3:24 pm

Apparently this tournament was phenomonal, there was lots of blog coverage about it.

For instance:
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PostSubject: Re: Core Competency   Tue Nov 24, 2009 4:19 pm

The report posted to Dire Wolf is copy and pasted here in full as a little more info on the rule set and mentality behind the tournament:

For those who don't know, Core Competency was a 2 day GT run this past weekend
at the Chicago Battle Bunker by Mr. Alex Gonzalez, who did an amazing job btw.
I highly recommend this tourney to anyone who enjoys playing in tournies with
comp to restrict the "rock-paper-scissors hammer".

The short rules were
You had to have 900 points. In core troops.
You had to get your list pre-approved by Alex and he was expecting fluffy armies
and sent out a note that a 15 WPS was a guideline to shoot for as a minimum.
Let me just that Alex did an amazing job with his red pen and I was told he sent
back hundreds of lists for revision. The result – The playing field was largely
even with no really disgusting "that guy" armies.
The highest award was the "fluffy bunny" award for the army that had the best
backstory, composition, and appearance all tieing together to create a "fluffy"

From the website – "This tournament was designed to get away from power-gaming
and winning at all costs. This tournament is about being fluffy and a strict
adherence to the most important rule in the game: to have fun. Every Army must
have at least 40% of the point total come from Core Choices. Your goal is to
win, but make sure you have fun regardless of outcome. Good luck to all of you,
and may the fluffiest bunny win!"

Dark Elves
Lvl 3 Sorc on Peg
Web of Shadows - Fluff Item (It is utter-fail by the way.)
Focus Familiar

20 Warriors - Full Cmd
20 Warriors - Full Cmd
15 Warriors - Full Cmd
10 Xbows - Shields
10 Xbows - Shields
5 Dark Riders - Xbows
6 Dark Riders - Full Cmd / Shields (*No longer fast cav with the shield option)
6 Dark Riders - Full Cmd / Shields (*No longer fast cav with the shield option)
5 Harpies
5 Harpies
6 Cold One Knights - Banner / Muso
6 Shades - xHW
14 Executioners - Full Cmd
1 Assassin - Rune of Khaine / Touch of Death / Black Lotus
134 Models
5 Casting / 4 Dispel
1142 Core (More if I had constrained myself to keeping the assassin in core
which I did not do.)

Game 1 - Since killing surface elves was priority 1, I challenged Brian Hodge
(HE) to a grudge match. I love playing Brian and we always have a hard fought
game, that is typically decided in later turns. Brian always brings his A game
to the table and Core Comp game 1 was no different.

Deployment was key as Brian split his forces up a little bit which allowed me to
focus on his main chunk of troops and ignore a block+noble almost completely (I
let them play with a spearelf unit which fled off the table from the charge -
not wanting to give up its banner). I think the scenario had a much bigger
impact on Brian than me as well (-2 penalty to shooting for turns 1 & 2) as he
really needed to thin my forces before engaging. Especially since he knew I was
going to shoot the piss out of the swordsmasters to not face them (& I did that
or charged em). Lots of back & forth. Turns 1-3 were heavily in Brians Favor.
Turn 4 saw me close the gap and turn 5 & 6 I managed to turn the game back
around and end up with enough points for a win. I also managed to snag all of
the objectives & bonus battle points for a max point win round 1 and had an
amazing, fun and very challenging game. This put me on Table 1 for round 2.
Someplace I didn't think I was destined to stay.

I learned something about closed lists tournies in this game (which I don't
often play in). Once I learned Brian had the reaver bow I should have asked how
many points it cost. If I had known that, I would have known he was a close
combat nancy and would have revealed my assassin and charged him (he was out of
a unit in later turns shooting my stuffs) at the dude out of the shade unit. I
would have let the shades take the reaver bow Stand & Shoot and likely killing a
not very well protected general with numerous, ASF, KB attacks. Would have been
worth the risk.

Game 2 - Bryan Burmeister (HE)
Scenario was Great! - You got a sheet of paper sealed in a card. The sheet had
a number (1-6) on it which revealed to you your objective for the game but your
opponent was unaware. VERY FUN!!! This and the bunny scenario at the end I

I really think I had an edge on him in list strength given the Eternal Hatred
rule in effect while fighting HE. Sadly, I failed by taking an army prone to
panic. I failed a bunch of panic checks and fluffed a very important flee roll
with my Executioners. Brian and I decided I might have fared better from us
swapping racials for this game. I also whiffed in an important combat - rear
charge on a big spear unit with 4 of my medium cav /w cmd & 2 Cold ones in the
flank. I failed both CoK saves(snake-eyes) and lost 2 of my medium cav. They
may have done a wound or two but it wasn't enough to recover (Which eventually
was a big part of my loss - due to these 2 banners). I also fully engaged a
unit of Phoenix Guard with BSB & Prince with Big Spears in the Front, Shades +
Assasin in the front, Big Spears in the flank and my sorceress in the flank
(Clipping the corner). In 3 rounds of combat, I put approx. 30 wounds on the
P.Guard unit and killed 5 models. The 4+ Ward is awesome and Bryan kept making
his break-tests (Even with my landing a KB on his BSB in the first round of
combat). I needed to break that unit to win and just could not get it done. If
I had managed to kill of his champion in the challenge with a spearman champ, I
could then have let my assassin deal with the prince instead of causing lots of
wounds and managin an actual kill each turn. Loss for the Dark Elves - He had
454 VP with banners & TQ.

* I really want to add some commentary here about Core Comp. The name
"Burmeister" is associated in downstate IL with crazy hard lists (which is just
not our cup of tea down here). This was my first time playing Bryan and he had
a great list and we had an amazing, fun and very challenging game. Core Comp
rules brought his list in line with mine to level the playing field. He is a
fun guy to play (*which is not something I had heard - but I had heard about
army powerlevel), and we had a very competitive game (at least in my mind, and
I'm thinking he agrees).

Game 3 - Gary Luther (OK)
I was looking forward to this game as we had never played. Gary won the first
turn and zoomed across the field at me. This really hurt my elves as I was in a
bit of cramped space in the middle and could not get my army out and around his
where it needed to be to march block and start the panic action. I had deployed
a little to heavily in the center and not enough in the flanks. We had a real
knock-down drag out battle . The scenario affected our armies by giving them
the "Drunken" rule like centigors. Highlight of the game for me was when 5
harpies got Frenzy from the drunken rule, charged a lone Irongut Banner Bearer,
managed to kill him and run off with the banner. Those ladies hid in the corner
with their spoils for the rest of the game and turned a loss to a draw. Great
game, very challenging. Draw for the Dark Elves

Game 4 - Robert Elmer (DE)
Robert and I had a great game. He is a ton of fun to play and this was our
first time ever matching up on the table. Anytime you want a rematch Robert, it
is yours. Highlights of the game for me - Marchblocking Black Guard the entire
game while whittling them down to nothing with shades, RBT, Xbows and Dark
Riders. I was worried to death I would end up with a lone BG Std. running
around as a skirmisher charging anything in sight but I managed to kill em to a
man. We did have the incredible CoK unit (5 /w Std. -Muso) vs. 10 xbows /w
Shields who held em down for 3-4 turns of combat when I finally managed to bring
in another 2 units to kill em off. Win for DE - Mine that is. Very Happy

Game 5 - Matt O'Keefe
Scenario - Fluffy Bunny - A bunny model was in the center of the table which
charged the closest unit at the end of a game turn (after both player turns).
The bunny did D6 S4 - Magical, KB impact hits on the charge. You couldn't
attack the bunny and any combat with a unit vs. only the bunny ended in a draw.
The next round of combat the bunny did D3 S3 Magical, KB hits. If another unit
charged you while you were fighting the bunny and beat you, the bunny charged
that unit immediately. If other units were within 6" of the bunny at the end of
the game turn and the bunny was in combat, on a 5 or 6, the bunny would then
leave combat and charge the largest, most expensive unit within 6" Having the
most points killed by the bunny was worth +3 BP and being in combat with the
bunny at the end of the game netted you +2 BP AND you got to keep the bunny
model. So of course, my opponent and I were both constantly vieing to get
attacked by the bunny.

Great guy, really, really soft list (2 HUGE blocks of swordsmen both with 2
detachments - FC & Shooters, 3 Knight units, 2 cannons and a Rocket Battery, 2
Lvl 2 - general - bsb) I didn't know it at the time but I finally broke the
Domus Curse. When facing a minor (< 18 years), I almost always lose. I really
don't know why and yes, it's ridiculous. I didn't realize Matt was a minor (I
thought him just out of HS, turns out he's still in HS) and I managed a win.
Lore of metal was key here. It was his first big tournament and in my zeal to
win the game and get eaten by the bunny, I wiped him out to a man. He did
mention he learned some things but I had to kill the big units for the win which
ended up in the eventual panic & crossfire destruction of his support units.
Win for the DE. Great guy, lots of fun to play. He had a very nice Empire list
and it was painted really nicely with a Yellow & green Scheme.

Overall Comments...
I loved this tourney! I had a fantastic weekend at my first ever Core Comp with
5 very fun and challenging games. Alex really did an excellent job (in my eyes)
of using his read pen and ENSURING his tourney played as advertised. I really
felt the playing field was very level.

This is my new favorite tourney and when coupled with my old favorite tournies
(Midwest Rampage and the Generals Challenge), I am very pleased that my favorite
events are still right here in IL. This is, of course, due to both the rules in
play and the people in attendance. There were some folks I missed this weekend
who I hope can make it for this event next year.

Congrats to all who won awards. There were quite a few lovely and inspiring
armies and a ton of very well themed armies.


Also the actual blog post your looking for on the Core Comp is :
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PostSubject: Re: Core Competency   

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Core Competency
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