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 New Necron Rules Don't Make Sense!

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PostSubject: New Necron Rules Don't Make Sense!   Wed Dec 14, 2011 2:00 am

Just got done reading the new necron codex and had some theoretical questions that I felt were not clarified at all in the codex. For those unfamiliar with the codex, the rule/piece of gear in question will be posted above said question.


"Mindshackle Scarabs - At the start of the Assault phase, after assault moves have been made, but before any blows are struck, randomly select an enemy model in base contact with the bearer of the mindshackle scarabs. That model must immediately take a Leadership test on 3D6. If the test is passed, the mindshackle scarabs have no effect. If the test is failed, the victim strikes out at his allies. Instead of attacking normally, he inflicts D3 hits on his own units when it is his turn to attack. These hits are resolved at the victim's strength, and benefit from any abilities and penalties from his close combat weapons (the controller of the mindshackle scarabs chooses which, if there is a choice). If he is still alive, the victim returns to normal once all blows in that round of combat have been struck."

Q1. Which player's combat result do these mindcontrolled models help? I techincally don't control them, but they are not attacking my unit either.

Q2. Can a model be double controlled? If so, will he strike out at his unit 2D3 or just D3? I.E. I'm running a Royal Court with 5 necron lords all equiped with mindshackle scarabs. Two lords are both in base contact with the same model (lead in to first half of question). He fails both of his Leadership tests, how many times will he swing at his unit (lead in to second half of question).

Imotekh the Stormlord Special Rule:

"Lord of the Storm - If your army includes Imotekh the Stormlord, the Night Fighting rules automatically apply during the first game turn. Furthermore, you can attempt to keep the Night Fighting rules in play in subsequent game turns by rolling a D6 at the start of the turn. If the result is greater than the turn number, the storm continues and the Night Fighting rules remain in play. If not, the Night Fighting rules cease to be in effect and are not used for the rest of the battle.
In addition, whilst the Night Fighting rules remain in play, roll a D6 for each unengaged enemy unit on the battlefield at the start of each Necron Shooting phase. On a roll of a 6, that unit is struck by a bolt of lightning and suffers D6 Strength 8, AP 5 hits (vehicles are hit on their side armor). Note that Night Fighting rules brought to play by a Solar Pulse (see page 84) do not generate lightning."

Q3. If I don't go first, do I need to roll on my first turn to keep the fog up? It says on the first game turn that it comes into play, and on subsequent turns, a roll is required to keep the fog into play. Because my first turn isn't the first turn of the game, would this make me roll that turn?

Q4. The rules do not only say that Night Fighting rules generated by Imotekh cease to be in effect once he fails his roll, but rather that Night Fighting rules cease to be in effect for the rest of the game. Does this mean that his failed roll would cancel another Night Fighting effect(s)? Furthermore, the clause "for the rest of the game" is also used in the text. Does this mean, his failure on the roll will prevent any kind of Night Fighting rules to be applied for the rest of the game as well?

Q5. Assuming Q4 is wrong, if Imotekh fails his roll but another source, other than solar pulse, is generating Night Fighting rules, will the lightning effect take place?

Q6. If something (I.E. solar pulse), is used to bring down Night Fighting rules, does this mean Imotekh will not be able to roll to put the Night Fighting rules back into play?

Q7. The text stated "at the start of each Necron Shooting phase" to roll for the thunder. If I'm playing against another Necron player, do I roll for my thunder at the begining of his shooting phase as well?

Cryptek Harbringer of Eternity Wargear:

"Chronometron - A model with a chronometron can re-roll one of his D6 rolls each phase. If the bearer is in a unit, this ability can be used to instead re-roll one of the unit's D6 rolls each phase."

Q8. Am I allowed to apply this to the roll of a D3?

Q9. This question is tied in for both the rules regarding the Chronometron and Lord of the Storm. If I have a Cryptek of Eternity, with a Chronometron, in a unit with Imotekh, will this allow him to re-roll his rolls for the Night Fighting and the D6 to determine if lightning strikes a unit in the shooting phase?

Cryptek Rule:

"No Name - Any number of Crypteks that are in a Royal Court can be upgraded to a single, specific type of Harbringer. Whilst you can have any number of Harbringers of a specific type, each of the Harbringer's unique wargear options can only be chosen once in each Royal Court (see page 84)."

Q10. There are both wargear and weapon upgrade options in each respective Harbringer type. Does this rule apply to the weapon upgrades as well as the wargear?

Closing Note:

These were the rules I found to be most confusing. I'm sure there are more and I will post them, on the thread, as I find them. Until then, thank you everyone who read all the way through this block of text. I look forward to your responses. - Luke
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Posts : 415
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Age : 42
Location : Pasadena, MD

PostSubject: Re: New Necron Rules Don't Make Sense!   Wed Dec 14, 2011 12:51 pm

Q1. I would say the mindshackle player gets the combat result as it is his wargear causing the wounds to be generated.

Q2. Unsure on this one. Anyone know of any other presedence for stacking wargear that has a similar type of effect? Off the top of my head I would say it doesn't stack as the model is already tagged with the affect i.e. "Failed LD and is striking unit" However mulitple Mindshackle on a model would force multiple checks just one affect, kind of a way to make sure the model will fail.

Q3. Game Turn not player turn. First turn of the game Night Fight Rules. Start of Game turn 2 you would need to roll.

Q4. I would say it's These night fighting rules cease to be in effect. So if you fail the roll Stormbringers ability will end and you cannot start it again.

Q5. See above

Q6. See Above ie. No under no circumstances can you jump start his ability again.

Q7. No. The necron player is assumed to be you as the player. So he would roll for his thunder his turn and you would roll on yours.

Q8. Seriously? The rule says D6s and D6s is what it means. D3 is not D6.

Q9. He could reroll one (1) of his D6s.

Q10. I would assume Weapon Upgrades are not Wargear and are not unique but that's me assuming.
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Posts : 19
Join date : 2011-12-06
Location : Severna Park

PostSubject: Re: New Necron Rules Don't Make Sense!   Wed Dec 14, 2011 3:31 pm

For Q5, the rule states "whilst the Night Fighting rules remain in play..." that i can roll for thunder. If your anwer to Q4 stands and his failure to complete the roll would not remove another Night Fighting ability, then would he still get his roll as Night Fighting rules would still be in play?

While I understand that it makes sense that I should only be able to roll on my shooting phase, the text states "each Necron Shooting phase.". Taken literally, would it be possible to give the judge a run for his money or would I be looked at as an idiot for bringing it up?

Q8 seems like a dumb question but I wanted to clarify that the D3 was not considered a D6. I didn't know for sure.
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Posts : 415
Join date : 2009-09-16
Age : 42
Location : Pasadena, MD

PostSubject: Re: New Necron Rules Don't Make Sense!   Wed Dec 14, 2011 3:49 pm

Hmmm good point on Q5. I didn't catch the each Necron players shooting till I re-read it again. I'd imagine that one will probably be in the FAQ and will read the owning players shooting but who knows they've done crazier things. Personally I'd only roll it on mine but yeah you could probably argue for both.

Q8 usually if it was referencing any die roll it would just state may reroll one die. Not many D3 in the game IIRC.
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PostSubject: Re: New Necron Rules Don't Make Sense!   

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New Necron Rules Don't Make Sense!
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