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 New Necron 2.5k Army List

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PostSubject: New Necron 2.5k Army List   Wed Dec 14, 2011 1:05 am

Just took a look at the new necron codex and am throwing out a first attempt at an army list. Don't know how well the idea will work in the field, but sounds good on paper. Strategy to the build is below list.


Imotekh the Stormlord - 225

Royal Court - 380
-Necron Lord (5)
-Hyperphase Sword
-Mindshackle Scarabs
-Cryptic of Despair
-Veil of Darkness
-Cryptic of Storm
-Lightning Sheild
-Volcanic Staff
-Cryptic of Eternity


Triarch Praetorians (10) - 400
-Rod of Covenant


Immortals (10) - 270
-Telsa Carbines

Immortals (10) - 270
-Telsa Carbines

Immortals (9) - 253
-Telsa Carbines

Immortals (5) - 85
-Telsa Carbines

Immortals (5) - 85
-Telsa Carbines

Heavy Support:

Doom Scythe - 175

Doom Scythe - 175

Doom Scythe - 175


The strategy of the army will be to simply drop heavy fire power on either a unit left unguarded or a one turn rain from hell. I would start the game with all of my units on the board. All immortals would be in night scythes and all of my units would start as close to the center of the board as possible. Imotekh's fog of war will save my early game from getting dumped on and allow me effectively move up the board and take cover in case he can't hold it up even on second turn.

The scythe vehicles being able to flat out at 36" means they will get where they need to be first turn and the praetors will be able to jump+run and should hit cover first turn as well. I will group the lord in his council and get them to cover asap. Once they hit cover, I will just wait for the enemy to come to me.

I can drop 39 immortals into a covered position and still allow them, and the transport itself, their shots as their guns are assualt. This will work well with enemies trying to flank around a covered postion. Not to mention that the immortals and the nightscythes all have telsa weapons and have potential to tripple their shot output. This nasty combo could very easily give me a one up on a greedy opponent.

Another real compliment is the nightscythes and Imotekh. The fog will really force the oponents units to push up, regardless of shooting or melee army as they won't be able to hit me and the lightning will have popped some of their artillary and transport. The nightscythes deathrays only have a range of 12 inches, so an army coming within 24" of nightscythes will defitnally give me the upper hand.

As for the council and Imotekh. I would leave them hidden in the back, waiting. Then, once the oppurtunity comes, most likely when the fog goes down, cloak over to the fray and grab some attention so the other units can come in as well. The nightscythes would come out then, if they hadnt already, and annihilate the heavy tank and elite threats, the praetors would engage the remaining threats, softening them up with their ap2 shots before combat, followed up by the nightscythes dropping their loads and unleashing crazy stupid fire onto the troops to allow the praetors and HQ unit to not get overwhelmed. Assuming the shots hit their targets, and the army lives the round, the nightscythes and doomscythes could go and finish all unengages threats, praetors and Imotekh would do their jobs, and the immortals could mop up the scraps. The army seems like it could work like clockwork or fail misserably due to missing some flaw in the design. This is just my first take on the new codex however and will probably get changed a lot.

Strategy Side Notes:

A lot of forums I've read so far are shunning Imotekh due to high point cost. I'm finding that the fog and thunder really is the backbone to the army. It allows me to gain the position to make the enemy come to me. Ninty percent of my guns are 24"at max and are still effective in close range. Not to mention, a nice couple thunderbolts to pop weak artillary and transports in the back will give me a early one up on the opponent.

The court is used as a support unit for Imotekh. His use after the fog goes down is a little deminished, however, to compensate, he is very easily complimented by cheap (relatively speaking) lords that are given power weapons at no additional cost. The mind scarabs I gave them will give me a total control of 5 members of the enemy unit to help me fight. This means, not only are 5 more models helping me, 5 models are also not hitting me. I saw this as a way to make this small group a real power house. Finally, the cryptic's are simply used for their supportive abilities, to be able to get extra shots in a possible squad after deep striking, and to give Imotekh more meet sheilds in combat. The ability to deep strike is self explanitory in use, the lightning field will give me protection in case charged after deep striking, and the chronometron will let Imotekh either reroll his roll to help fail or pass the fog test, or reroll the lightning strike on an artillary piece or transport.

I went full immortal on the troops because I needed the ability to be able to drop my units and fire on the same turn to prevent assualt. Warriors can't do that. Simple.

Doomscythes vs. Doomsday Arks. This one was tough as I like the doomsday arks artillary type playstyle, but opted for the nightscythes as the fog is nessecary to get necrons into effective range and helps the nightscythes become gods if used correctly.

Closing Notes:
Once again, thank you to anyone and everyone who read through this whole block of text. I honestly apriciate it and look forward to your critism. Before I go, however, there were some very serious questions I had regarding some of these new rules that the 5th edition codex for necrons bring. If you haven't already, please go look at "New Necron Rules Don't Make Sense!" under the 40k Discusion tab. Thanks again - Luke
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PostSubject: Re: New Necron 2.5k Army List   Wed Dec 14, 2011 1:02 pm

Quick are you de-meching someone when you throw your Nightscythes into their face? Flat out will give you a 4+ right? Theoretically speaking you have Night Fight and a flat out move into your opponents face. Then he spot lights a Scythe and pops it, yeah it takes eitehr a good amount of shooting or a bad roll but it's only a 4+. Just a thought, I didn't really see anything that would stop someone from dumping their whole front line on your Scythes and forcing you to walk on from your board edge.
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Location : Severna Park

PostSubject: Re: New Necron 2.5k Army List   Wed Dec 14, 2011 3:34 pm

When I said that they could move 36" first turn and wouldn't worry about them, I meant that they would be able to make it to whatever cover they needed to completely avoid getting hit. I did not mean to move them right in front of their front lines, if that clarifys the question
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PostSubject: Re: New Necron 2.5k Army List   

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New Necron 2.5k Army List
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