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 Army of the Damned Dwarves - Advice Needed

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PostSubject: Army of the Damned Dwarves - Advice Needed   Fri Dec 09, 2011 12:27 am

Alright guys, so I'm starting up a new dwarf army and I had an interesting idea for a cool color scheme and a bit of background story for these guys to go along with it. The idea is a little out there so I wanted to make sure it wouldn't conflict with any very serious lore that I am either unaware of or didn't realize was as important. As well as, I also wanted to get some feedback on the idea on how well you think the army would turn out and possibly suggestions on where to take it.


Now, the inspiration for my idea came from the Lich King from World of Warcraft. I know there are people out there who have got a lot of hate for the game. To these people, I say hate away, just leave it for another thread, please.

The idea came from thinking about how easy it would be to turn a vampire count army into a Lich King themed army. Just paint all the zombie's and ghoul's eyes blue and give their innards a bit of blue for the glow. Not to mention if you take a vampire lord and simply put a dark elf helmet on him, paint his sword with some runes on it, he would look almost exactly like Arthas. The fact that the vampires can ride undead dragons and are masters of necromancy was also a cool little touch of flare. I got excited and seriously considered making a vampire count army until I remembered that I've already put close to $200 into my start of a dwarf army. So, it was short lived. At the same time, I thought about how it really wouldn't be that hard to take the idea and run it with dwarves. I could very easily make a frozen "damned" dwarf army.

Possible Lore:

The forces of chaos hate the forces of the northern dwarves and decide to execute a plan to wipe out an entire stronghold of dwarves. Chaos sends the stronghold an ancient demonic artifact and disguise it as a simple dwavern hierloom. Carried by a possessed dwarf, the courier tells the hold's leading runelord that the king of another stronghold requested that a master rune be engraved on the hierloom to help him better fare in the unforgiving climate of the frozen waste lands of the north. Unknowingly, the runelord engraves the rune and releases the ever powerful demonic energies held within the artifact, now mixed with the arcane power that was once held in the master rune. The blast that eminates from the artifact encompasses the entire hold, corrupting every inhabitant. From then on, the dwarves of the (fill in the blank) hold were cursed. They were granted immortality, at the cost of unending suffering. These dwarves will never feel any sort of warmth and their skin will never numb as it will always feel as if coated with sheets of ice. Everywhere they step and everything they touch, freezes, as to never allow anything dear to them bring them any kind of joy, without reminding them of their unending sorrow.

Possible Color Scheme:

I had in mind for the army the nice Lich King look, as he was the inspiration for the idea. A dark, boltgun metal with some highlights here and there, mixed with some dark blue for the sheilds helmets and back. As for the skin, i was thinking a pale, almost greenish, to show their age and frozen skin. I could paint all of their beards a white with a bit of bright blue to show some of their beards freezing a bit. Any runes i could paint a bright blue to go along with the icy corruption as well as paint the eyes this same bright blue to show the corruption in the dwarves as well. As for the part of the curse where things they touch freeze, I had planned to paint the terrain on the bases a dark brown to show a underground stronghold like area, and paint the area around their feet white and crystal-like to show icicles forming where they walk as well as where they hold their weapons. If/when I am allowed to post some pictures, I will get some up on the thread.

Closing Note:

Once again, thank you to everyone and anyone who read all the way through these giant blocks of text. I will be painting a model of this color scheme to be able to post as soon as possible. I look forward to your reactions to this idea. Thank you - Kilkarik
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Army of the Damned Dwarves - Advice Needed
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