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 Next Auction at Showcase is June 12th - First 400 lots are up

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PostSubject: Next Auction at Showcase is June 12th - First 400 lots are up    Sat Jun 04, 2011 11:15 pm

Here's the first 400 or so lots for the next auction. It's worth coming up, as this stuff goes cheap, minimum bid is 1.00

Items in the June 12th Auction

Lot Number Item Description
1 Imperial Guard Basilisk, painted
2 Chaos Marine Rhino, painted in a red color scheme
3 Chaos Landraider, painted in a red color scheme
4 Abaddon, painted
5 Chaos Defiler, painted red and black
6 Metal chaos space marine terminators x5, painted
7 Metal Thousand Sons chaos space marines x5, painted
8 Metal khorne bloodletters x8 white primered
9 Chaos Noise marines x4, painted
10 Obliterators x3, the older, smaller version
11 Chaos Marine squad, x9, painted blue, autocannon, plasma gun, claw
12 Chaos Marines, x10 models, lord, icon bearer
13 Khrone Berzerkers x9, Kharn, metal champion,
14 Chaos bikers x2, one normal, one Doomrider
15 Chaos demon prince, metal, painted
16 Bloodthirster of khorne, painted
17 Leman Russ Demolisher with plasma sponsons
18 Chimera, painted
19 Leman Russ exterminator with bolter sponsons
20 Catachan Jungle Fighters, painted, plastic , x28 models
21 Col. Schaeffer's Last Chancers, painted metal models, x11
22 Metal IG modesl: 4xmordian, 2xold stormtrooper, 3 Hvy weapon teams
23 Lord Solar Maccarius, Commisar Yarrick (old), commisar, Ogryn
24 OOP IG and Chaos Codices, OOP 40k Rulebook
25 Warmachine: Protectorate Starter box, metal
26 Warmachine: Proctectorate High Reclaimer
27 Imperial Guard Vostroyan models x4
28 16 wester models from Rail Wars
29 Imperial Guard Steel Legion squad (11 models).
30 Huge Bag of Plastic Skaven
31 Huge Bag of Plastic Skaven
32 Huge Bag of Plastic Skaven
33 A couple of pounds of 40k models and bits
34 Dark Eldar Lord and new Incubi
35 Raider and Vyper bitz to make a Dark Eldar Venom
36 Mephiston and Pedro Kantor
37 Plastic Chaos Hounds, x6
38 Bloodletters, plastic, x10
39 Dark Eldar Hellions
40 Imperial Guard plastic Catachans and sentinel
41 Tau Crisis Suits x2, with bits for commander models
42 Plastic Tzeentch Horros x10
43 Old Dark Eldar Warp Beasts x4
44 Bag of Plastic Dark Eldar, old models
45 Black Reach Nobz x10
46 Big bag of painted Cadians and Heavy Weapons
47 Kustom steampunkish basilisk or ork wagon
48 Kustom steampunkish basilisk or ork wagon
49 Painted Ogre models converted to 40k Ogryn x8
50 Gale Force 9 Fantasy Gaming tokens
51 Black Templar Chaplain Grimaldus box
52 Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay book
53 Painted models, empiret/imperial agent conversions
54 Marines and IG characters and conversions
55 GW Hedges and Walls, old
56 5 pound bag of Ral Partha and other painted metal figures
57 Imperial Tank Destroyer
58 Leman Russ battletank
59 Converted IG roughriders on wolves
60 Kustom steampunkish basilisk or ork wagon
61 Box of 40k scenery
62 Box of Dire Avengers
63 Empire plastic wizards box
64 Eldar Falcon
65 Dire Avengers x10, unpainted
66 Eldar Falcon
67 Marine Vehicle sprues and bitz
68 Bag of Space Marine sprues and bitz
69 Old Space Wolf Codex
70 Eldar Scatter Laser Platform
72 Eldar Codex
73 Empire Army book, old
74 Huge Bag of Space Marine Sprues
75 Big bag of metal GW Fantasy models, mordheim, classic, etc
76 Eldar Rangers x5, metal
77 Dire Avengers x10
78 Eldar Banshees x10
79 Eldar Banshees x10
80 Warrior Priest, 10 metal greatswords, plastic handgunners
81 Empire Cannon, unpainted
82 Bag of old plastic Chaos Warriors and metal bitz
83 Eldar Falcon
84 Eldar Warp Spiders x5
85 Eldar Striking Scorpians x6
86 Eldar Dire Avengers x10
87 Eldar Dire Avengers x10
88 Eldar Wave Serpent with twin star cannons
89 Eldar Seer Council x5
90 Bag of old GW Blisters
91 Bag of old GW Blisters
92 Bag of old GW Blisters
93 Bag of old GW Blisters
94 Blood Dragon Vampire on Winged Nightmare, NIB
95 Louen Leoncoeur, old Model NIB
96 Dark Elf Warriors, NIB
97 Dark Elf Warriors, NIB
98 Bag of old GW Blisters
99 Bag of old GW Blisters
100 Bag of old GW Blisters
101 Warhammer Magic Box, unused, 1996
102 Zombies, NIB
103 Eldred, Drazar, Lilith, Necron Lord: Partial Enemies of Imperium
104 Vampire Black Coach, in box
105 Big stack of OOP GW army books and codices
106 7th edition WFB HC
107 4th edition 40k HC
108 First Edition Bloodbowl boxed set
109 Illuminati boxed Deluxe Edition, 1987
110 Plauge Fleet expansion for Manowar
111 Manowar
112 old bretonnian cavalry, mounted necromancer, in blisters
113 10 starter set space marines, old
114 9 Brettonian knights, 14 archers, old
115 15 saurus warriors, 8 skinks, old
116 12 old skeletons, and skeleton chariot
117 15mm Crusader Army
118 22 marauder miniatures, 'knights of the cleansing flame'
119 old model wood elves, x6
120 Rogue Trader era models: 2x Librarian, 4xchaplain, medic, hero
121 1st editon Space Hulk, books, tiles, etc, no box
122 metal beastmen and chaos warriors
123 bloodbowl plastic human and orc teams
124 17 skeletons
125 11 old metal Bretonnian knights, 9 horses
126 Original model Witch Elves x10
127 Sentinel sprue
128 Sentinel sprue
129 Sentinel sprue
130 Sentinel, Lascannon, metal parts
131 Chaos Space Marine army box (big!) NIB
132 Tau Rapid Insertion Force, NIB, 9 crisis & 3 stealth suits.
133 Dark Elf Caldron of Blood, NIB
134 Dark Elf Crossbowmen, painted
135 Dark Elf bitz
136 Bag of painted, older model harpies
137 Witchelves with command, unpainted
138 Dark Elf swordsmen unit, painted
139 Dark Elf Witch Elves x10 with command
140 LOTR hobbit, elf, elrond
141 Beastman Shaman and plastic minotaur
142 Mcragge space marine sprue
143 Necron Immortals, 10 original models
144 Tomb King Chariot
145 Tomb King Carrion
146 Old metal orcs x3,
147 Bretonnian Damsel, Metal Banner, Lord
148 Space Marine squad
149 plastic genestealers and gaunts
150 Bretonnian Questing Knights box
151 Tyranid Hive Tyrant, NIB
152 LOTR orcs with Pikes
153 LOTR Saruman and Wyrmtounge
154 Bag of Necromunda Gangers
155 Typhus blister
156 Belakor NIB
157 Codex Orks
158 Ork Deffrolla upgrade pack x2
159 Ork nobz x9
160 Converted Ork zapgun
161 Ork boyz
162 Ork Trukk
163 Bag of Ork boyz
164 Ork Nobz
165 Ork Warboss and Rocket Launchers
166 Ork looter sprues
167 Death Kopters x5
168 Assembled Ork Battlewagon with Deffrolla
169 Ork Burna Boyz
170 Boss Snikrot
171 Ork Looters NIB
172 Bag of Ork boyz
173 Skaven Rat Ogres x3
174 Skaven Rat Ogres x3
175 High Elf spearmen and mages
176 Converted Rat Ogre Bonebreaker
177 Painted Skaven Rat Ogres x3
178 Skaven Rat Ogres x2
179 Wood Elves
180 Skaven Giant Rat unit
181 High elf spearman unit
182 unit of Skaven giant rats 20+
183 Skaven Stormvermin
184 High Elf Bolt Throwers x3
185 Skaven Rat Swarms
186 Wood Elf Bitz
187 Dryads and bitz
188 Skaven bitz
189 Tomb King Bone Giant
190 High elf archers and bitz
191 Bretonnian archers
192 High elf wizard bitz
193 Huge Bag of GF9 movement trays
194 Wood elf glade guard NIB
195 Skaven Night Runner box
196 old Skaven Clanrat box
197 High Elf Dragon in box
198 Mighty Empires box
199 High Elf Phoenix Guard box
200 High Elf White Lions Box
201 High Elf Lion Chariot NIB
202 Dwarf Warriors box
203 Skaven Clanrat box
204 Battlemasters Boxed set
205 Skaven Stormvermin Box
206 Skaven Giant Rats and Packmasters
207 Skaven Vermin Lord
208 Skaven Characters: Squeel Gnawtooth and Throt the Unclean
209 Big bag of Dice
210 Plastic Daemon Prince
211 Bag of WFB plastic orcs and bits
212 3 orc blisters, 2 boar boyz w/ standard, metal fanatics
213 Bretonnian Grail Knights, painted, x6
214 40k Daemon Prince, partly painted
215 Ahriman of the Thousand Sons
216 Gene Stealers, painted
217 Gene Stealers, painted
218 High Elf spearmen
219 Warmachine plastic Khador Destroyer
220 Khorne BloodCrushers x3, plastic, mostly painted
221 Painted Bretonnian Knights of the Realm, x6
222 Tyranid Ripper Swarms, painted, and objective markers
223 Bitz Bag
224 Dark Eldar conversions? Bitz?
225 Ogre Kingdoms Gnoblar Scraplauncher, painted
226 Older model goblin spearmen, white primed,
227 Gene Stealers, painted
228 Goblin Doom Diver, no crew, just the goblin about to launch
229 LOTR Elves and Gondorians
230 Orc General, plastic kit
231 Gene Stealers, painted
232 LOTR metal models
233 LOTR Rohan infantry
234 Dark Eldar warriors, new, plastic
235 LOTR metal wood elf archers x12
236 Inquisitor Scale Genestealers
237 Mercenary Ogres x5, metal
238 Orc Rocklobber,no crew
239 FOW painted american priests and half tracks
240 Inquisitor Scale Genestealers
241 Khorne BloodCrushers x3, plastic, mostly painted
242 Space Marine Land Speeder
243 Chaos Noise Marine Squad x6
244 Space Marine attack bike on sprue
245 Dark Elf Shades
246 Winged Vampire
247 Ogre Leadbelchers x4, painted
248 Large Bag of Tyarnid Bitz
249 LOTR plastic models
250 Converted Ogre Kingdoms Gnoblars
251 Skull Pass Night goblins
252 Warmachine bitz, warpwolf, kaiya, etc
253 Plastic Chaos hounds x10
254 Goblin Bolt Throwers x2, no crew
255 Assorted Dwarf Characters
256 High Elf Chariot
257 Ogre Ninja Maneater
258 Chaos Nois Marine Squad x6
259 Dark Elf Manticore
260 Dark Angel Ravenwing Bikers x6
261 empire plastic mortars
262 Plastic High Elf Dragon Princes
263 Plastic night goblin fanatics x6
264 High elf archers and bitz
265 Metal Chaos Spawn
266 assorted plastic and metal high elf models
267 Chaos Daemon bitz, epidemius, mask, flamers, etc
268 High Elf Bolt Thrower
269 High Elf White Lions
270 High Elf Spearmen
271 Plastic bloodcrushers x3, unassembled and off sprue
272 Dark Elf Spearmen
273 High Elf White Lions
274 Plastic High Elf Boltthrower
275 assorted plastic WFB orcs
276 Old night goblin archers
277 new High Elf plastic Gryphon and Lord
278 Warmachine metal Khador Destroyer
279 Metal Stegadons, no Howdah, x2
280 Bag of Tau bitz
281 Island of Blood High Elves
282 Dark Elf Black Dragon with Witchking
283 High Elf Elyrean Reaver Knights x5, plastic
284 Arkhan the Black Liche King Chariot
285 Skarsnik and Gobbla in box
286 Plastic High Elf Boltthrower
287 Plastic High Elf Mages, and bsb
288 Bag of metal Space Marine parts including Iron Hands upgrades
289 High Elf Dragon princes, plastic, assembled, x5
290 Seekers of Slannesh, plastic, unpainted,
291 assorted LOTR cavalry
292 FOW US infantry, bitz, stowage
293 Snotling bases
294 Imperial Guard Valhallan squad
295 Inquisitor Scale Genestealers
296 Cygnar Trencher Captain Finn
297 Old plastic and metal terminators
298 Sisters of battle x6
299 Minotaurs x5, metal, extra HW
300 Plastic Pegasus knights in box
301 Space Marine Commander Shrike
302 Games Day 2010 Sorcerer blister
303 Tyranid metal gargoyle blister, 1st sculp
304 Warmachine Memnoth Paladin of the Wall and Vilmon
305 Warmachine Memnoth Centurian Jack
306 Large bag of painted and unpainted chaos warriors
307 Warmachine Memnoth Repenter Jack
308 Dark Elf Chariot
309 Space Wolf Scout squad
310 Warmachine Memnoth Revenger Jack
311 Warmachine Cygnar Battle Mechanics
312 Warmachine Memnoth Redeemer Jack
313 Warmachine Memnoth Harbinger, Severious, Revenger
314 Warmachine Memnoth High Exemplar Kreoss
315 Space Marine drop pod, assembled
316 Warmachine plastic Cygnar Ironclad
317 Warmachine Menoth Guardian Jack
318 Blood Angel models x15
319 Warmachine Menoth Crusader Jack
320 Orion, King of the Woodelfs, NIB, old box with no hounds
321 Tsar Boris of Kislev on Bear, NIB
322 Malakai Makaissons Goblin Hewer, in box, unassembled
323 Painted Land Raider Promethius with FW Inquisiton doors
324 Space Marine metal dreadnaught with multimelta
325 Space Marine dreadnaught with LC and ML
326 Carnifex version 2, metal, in box
327 Eldar Guardians x12
328 10 Assault Marines, primered
329 10 Assault Marines, primered
330 Black Reach Terminators x5
331 Black Reach Terminators x5
332 10 Assault Marines, primered
333 Black Reach Terminators x5
334 Black Reach Terminators x5
335 Black Reach Terminators x5
336 3 cadian snipers, Steel Legion Sgt., Valhallan Sgt.
337 Black Reach Terminators x5
338 10 Assault Marines, primered
339 Valhallan Imperial Guard x20
340 Set of unused custom cut foam foam. Dark Eldar for a Sabol case.
341 Dark Eldar Mandrakes box, new
342 Gaunt's Ghosts box
343 Land Speeder box
344 Br. Capt. Stern, DH Inquisitor, WH Inquisitor, bitz
345 Terminator Capt., Assault Sgt, Tigurius
346 WFB Witch Hunter model
347 Chaos Marauder Horsemen box
348 Games Day 2002 Chaos Champion
349 Nork Deddog, Ogry Bodyguard and Commisar
350 Dozens of resin and metal alternative heads for IG from Pig Iron
351 Abaddon and Chaos Icon bearer
352 Space Marine Landspeeders x2
353 Vampire Counts Black Coach, in box
354 GW figure case, no foam
355 GW figure case, no foam
356 GW figure case, no foam
357 GW figure case, no foam
358 GW double sized figure case, no foam
359 GW 'Ammo Crate'
360 Dark Elf Witch King on Black Dragon, NIB
361 Skaven Abomination bitz
362 Witchfate Tor, scenery, partially assembled
363 Uncharted Seas, Orc Raiders Box
364 Liber Chaotica Slannesh, SC
365 Limited Edition Space Marine Codex in slipcase
366 Ice Queen of Kislev Blister
367 Metal Chaos Warhounds, unpainted
368 Cursed Company blister
369 Tomb Queen Khalida
370 Big Bag of Skaven, rat ogres, doomwheel, etc
371 Valten, Champion of Sigmar, blister
372 Chosen of Chaos, mostly Command models, x12
373 Tau Pirahna
374 WFB Engineers Tools , templates
375 Skorne Venator Reiver officer and standard
376 Big Stack of White Dwarf magazines
377 Big Bag of Space Marine bitz, templar bitz, shoulder pads, etc
378 Sprues and bits, mostly skaven and tyranids
379 gaunts, warriors and genestealers
380 Skaven plauge monks
381 Metal Skaven models: screaming bell, WLC, misc models
382 Warmachine Memnoth Vanquisher Jack
383 Warmachine Memnoth Knights Exemplar
384 Warmachine Memnoth Castigator Jack
385 Bitz Bag
386 Bag of metal bitz and some warzone figures
387 Metal Deff Dread, Killer Kanz, bitz
388 Metal GW bitz bag
389 Bag of 40k Orks, 2nd edition and up
390 Bag of metal and plastic space marines and bitz
391 Plastic Lizardman Temple Guard sprues
392 Plastic bin with a couple hundred plastic Orks, trucks, etc
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Next Auction at Showcase is June 12th - First 400 lots are up
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